HIGHLIGHTS: Every DJ Moore catch from 114-yard game | 2023 Week 12


In an electrifying display of skill and finesse, Chicago Bears’ wide receiver, DJ Moore, showcased his exceptional talent during the Week 12 matchup, leaving fans in awe. The recently concluded game saw Moore’s spectacular performance, amassing an impressive 114-yard game. Every catch by Moore was nothing short of a highlight reel, illustrating his precise route running and reliable hands. The link to the video captures the essence of Moore’s prowess on the field, making it a must-watch for football enthusiasts eager to witness a masterful display of athleticism. As the Bears continue to strive for success in the 2023 season, DJ Moore’s standout performance serves as a testament to the team’s offensive firepower and his own emergence as a key playmaker. Click here to relive the excitement of every DJ Moore catch from this thrilling game.